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Version 5.0 supports Acrobat DC!

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New in Version 4

Hot Folders

Hot Folders are the easiest way to automate your imposing workflow. Just drop your PDF document into a Hot Folder, and it's immediately and automatically imposed and dropped into an output folder. No need to even launch Acrobat.

PDF Comments

Now all types of PDF Comments, such as form fields, stamps, notes, etc, are imposed along with the page content.

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Looking for Bates numbering?

Try our new software Easy Bates. It does Bates numbering, and nothing else. Click here to learn more.

What is PDF Snake?

PDF Snake is an Adobe Acrobat Plug-in, which performs imposition.
For an introduction to imposition, please click here.

PDF Snake can:

What version of Acrobat do I need?

PDF Snake works with the full version ($$$) of Acrobat versions 4 through 11.

Are there any limitations?

PDF Snake cannot impose documents that are encrypted. Adobe Acrobat allows the creator of a PDF document to specify the exact permissions for that document. If modification is not allowed, then PDF Snake can't impose it.

Is PDF Snake reliable?

We encourage you to download the free trial and see for yourself.


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